Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Live Feed Disclosure #BB15

This is a new disclaimer we see when we log on to the live feeds.

I believe the scene on Thursday night sent Alison Grodner Productions and CBS straight into the arms of their attorneys.  (You can read my recap of that episode of BBAD here.)

When Howard was going through his struggle trying to control his temper, as well as trying to control Candice, he said that he believed "they" (pointing up) wanted this, since they were letting it happen.  And he said a few minutes later that if he lost his temper, he would end up going home, and he knows that "they" must want that, to allow this to happen.

Then he got called to the DR.  And Howard took his own sweet time getting up there, too, but I didn't hear BB call him twice.  They were probably already scared shitless.

I'm pretty sure Howard signed his life away when he joined the cast, but the public opinion certainly wouldn't side with CBS, now would they?

BTW I'm not suggesting CBS pull anybody out of the game.  In the end everybody will get exactly what they deserve, because as the BB5 Fitness Twins said, "Carma Electra is a Bitch!".

Now those were two gangster bitches.  Remember them?

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