Monday, July 8, 2013

Morning Routines #BB15

Jessie tries to get a little privacy to put on her underwear, but handles the procedure just like a pro.  She knew we were watching, too, because she looked up at the camera and said "Fuck".

Helen and Howard run around the backyard.  One of the Have Not girls told Helen she looked really skinny today and she said she's actually getting really fit.  Helen's in it for the long haul, people, and must be gearing up to win those all-important physical competitions that will come up later in the game.

Judd cleaned out his ears so he can  hear all of the whispering and trash-talking, apparently.

Elissa wishes they had show sponsors that could provide baskets of goodies for them.  Gina Marie wishes they were sponsored by Mac so they would get some free makeup.

GMZ:  Fuck yeah!

Judd watches the girls and talks a little, but not in a creepy way.  They all like Judd.  Elissa offered Candice some of her facial cream and Candice took her up on it.  Elissa said that she is getting tired of her plane being late, and having to wait in the airport so long.

I thought Candice would be a total nightmare this week as a Have Not but I owe her an apology.  She has been kind of quiet about it and is probably thrilled that her arch nemesis Aaryn didn't nominate her this week.

Just so you know:  Judd brushed his tongue, too.

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