Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Cramming for the Big HoH Test #BB15

McCrae is naming "all of the biohazards" and Elissa is totally sure she saw 7 flamingos, because one was in the bottom of the box with just it's beak poking out.

Andy is very sure of the order and chants it out:  Slop, slop, fragile, fragile...

McCrae says they will definitely ask which came out first.  Elissa reports that Howard told her that "Fragile" was spelled wrong but McCrae says that is bullshit.

They whisper about Jeremy leaving the backyard after only two train trips, and Andy says oh my god, if he has a photographic memory....

They know Jeremy will be livid if Elissa stays tonight and think that will work in their favor.

Andy:  That is another reason why need to get Nick out...because he can ace this type of thing.

Helen:  He was just waddling out there, too, like he didn't care.

Elissa reports again that Jeremy knows virtually nothing about Socrates, even though he said he did.  Unless this competition is about Socrates, though, I don't see how the topic is relevant.

Amanda is moving pillows around and wants to go over her diagram, take it down, and then put it back up again for practice.  They are making up little tunes, too in order to remember everything.

Little bit of butt crack on Amanda here, for the few (thousand) of you who care about that sort of thing.
 Helen told Elissa in the storage room that Candice just reeled off the "whole second one" and then said not to talk to her, she has a photographic memory and wanted to sleep on it.  They both marvel over that.

Amanda:  I'm fucking awake now.  Let's do this.

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