Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Morning Sucks For Them, Too #BB15

even though they only have one scheduled activity for the day.

Jeremy and Kaitlin snuggle up and Jeremy says he doesn't remember any of the music that was just played.  BB let them sleep for another few minutes and then yelled at both of them to change their microphone batteries in the storage room.

Nick and Judd needed no such prodding, however, to perform this crucial daily task.  Nick has bed head and they are both quiet.

Jessie is going to wear her contacts today, I guess.

Did Jessie forget where she is today?  That she's on TV now?  Or is she still trying (in vain) to get Nick's attention?

Aaryn enjoyed a bowl of cereal that sounded quite crunchy and then went back up the HoH and got back in bed with Kaitlin and Jeremy.

The three of them discuss how stupid it was of Elissa to put Jeremy up on the block.

Kaitlin:  I guarantee you that Pete (DR?) laughed when she said his name in there.

Aaryn:  The dumbest person in the world wouldn't have put Jeremy on the block!

Jeremy:  Yes, they did.  And her name is Elissa.

Nick did his dishes, and told someone he planned to go back to bed.  Everyone expects Nick to be nominated today by Elissa so I guess he is going to go out of his way to appear carefree.

Andy and Jessie both did some vigorous tooth-brushing.

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