Tuesday, July 23, 2013

McCranda Frolics in the Backyard #BB15

The faux grass is super hot in the sun so they try to walk across very quickly.  The morning music was the Brady Bunch theme song and the "Good Morning, Good Morning, it's time to start the day" and McCrae keeps singing them.  He loved all of the wake-up music today and Amanda hated all of it.

Amanda has that fugly tattoo on her backside, but she also has a tattoo on her right side, just under the bikini string.  It looks like it might be a sentence or something.  I can't even guess what it would say.

She tells McCrae that she glued the stones to the top of her bikini top, and he says he would be more impressed if she actually made the top.

She tells McCrae about being cast on Big Shot Live, which is a CBS web series.  She worked with Todd Glass and Natasha Legere and says she played the receptionist, but also announced prize winners.  She went out on Sunset Blvd. every day with a full camera crew to announce the winners of some daily prize.

McCrae:  Sweet.

Later Amanda name-dropped knowing Rosario Dawson and says they had the same Ugg boots.  They worked on a movie in New York and she met David Boreanez and claimed to have dated him.  (She said "the guy who played Angel", so I am assuming that is who she was referring to.)

She was describing Todd and Natasha as being on Chelsea Lately and asks McCrae if he watches that.

McCrae:  Sorry.  I'm not a fan.

(Then why does he even like Amanda?  Because she seems to be trying to be just like her, right?)

I heard Amanda sing a little bit of a song from Rent and she sounded really good.  She says she knows every word to every song in that movie.

Idina Menzel is her favorite actress and claims to have at similar singing voice.  She loved her in Wicked and they sing a few lines from Popular and she says Kristen Chenowith sang that and is her second favorite stage actress.

I can't believe they are letting her talk about all of this.  She just outed someone as a lesbian and mentioned Rosario complaining about the director of Rent the Movie not giving the cast any direction.

Maybe the crew is mesmerized by her huge knockers.


  1. Amanda's tattoo say's "Wherever you go, there you are."

  2. Thanks Craig. I'm not going to ask how you know that, but I believe you.

    That's a good quote, actually. Not sure why it needs to be permanently etched on her body, but whatever.


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