Thursday, July 18, 2013

McCrae's Friends Speak, Again #BB15

I have posted before about McCrae's friends recording a podcast in his absence this summer.  (You can read that here.)

This week they recorded another podcast to talk about McCrae being on Big Brother.  (The first podcast was recorded after the cast was announced, but before the first episode aired.)

You can listen to this entertaining podcast here.   A few of the interesting and newsy items  from this podcast include:

*  They advise Nick to run, and don't look back, to get away from Gina Marie.
*  They mention Amanda a number of times, but the only opinions I remember them saying is that she is very witty and quote a few of her lines from the live feeds.  They also think she is deeply in love with their friend.
*   They think Andy is funny and that he is probably McCrae's best friend in the house, but I'm not sure they all trust him.
*    If McCrae doesn't win, they are pulling for Judd and give a number of examples of how funny he is.
*    One of McCrae's friends was stoned enough to consider the possibility of Dr. Will Kirby "coming over to the house" now that McCrae has been on the show, thinking they would be friends. 
*   They hated McCrae's straight hair on last week's live show, and thought he looked like Danzig.
*   They see how the week of slop is wearing on McCrae, and one of his friends says that almost every night at home McCrae goes to bed with an entire (cooked) frozen pizza.  (Why frozen?  Doesn't he work at a pizza parlor?)
*    They started a band called Barely Legal and are available for gigs.
*    They claim that playing Dark Side of the Moon and watching The Wizard of Oz really does work.
*    One of the guys imitates Eddie Vedder and it may be the funniest thing  I hear all day.

Also, there is a guy making McCrae T-shirts that you can buy at this link. 

His friends don't like the silhouette of McCrae depicted on the shirt, and think it makes him look like he has a beer belly.  They wish the guy would make an "I don't know" McCrae shirt and think the current one reminds them too much of Frank Eudy.   (Frank isn't going to like that....)  I kind of like that they don't even pretend they have the initiative to make and sell the shirts themselves. 

I think they plan to record a podcast every week, so I look forward to more authentic Minnesota goodness.

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