Wednesday, July 3, 2013

McCrae Tries on Amanda's Jeans #BB15

After she hounds him to try them on.  She mocks the bats on his underwear but he talks back, telling her to shut up.

All the girls like the jeans and say he looks like a rock star.

McCrae:  But I'm a pizza guy and that is the best look for me!

They made him try on a blue shirt and say he looks so cute.

Aaryn:  You are going to have all of the girls chasing you now!

McCrae:  I don't want girls chasing me.

Aaryn:  You realize that he's not going to wear it now, just because we want him to.

He walked through the house and modeled for everyone.  Helen thinks he should just wear regular jeans, but she's the only one who says that.   McCrae told Jeremy that the jeans hurt his big nuts and Jeremy said that is something you just have to get used to.

So...he's not wearing Amanda's jeans tonight, people.  He knows he "gets to talk to Julie" and wants to feel confident.

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