Thursday, July 25, 2013

McCrae Sports a Stache #BB15

and Amanda is badgering him to shave it, that he will not have that mustache on tonight's live show.

Andy:  Oh, leave him alone.  He's his own person.

Amanda:  Fine.  do what ever  you want, then.

 So what do you think McCrae did? 

Yep.  What a fucking wuss.  I am so disappointed in McCrae's obsession with Amanda. 

When Amanda bent over to dry the back of her head her butt brushed against Howard's butt and he kind of freaked out.

Howard:  I don't like ex used to do that, put her butt up against mine but I don't like anything behind me...

They all laughed.

 This is the dress Candice is wearing tonight.  Amanda wishes she brought more dresses in the house and Candice agrees.

Candice:  Most of my dresses are patterened or have stripes...

(So, I guess in addition to white clothing you can't wear stripes?)

Candice is shaving her legs and Howard is trying to say flirty things to her in Spanish but Candice and the other girls are picking apart his word usage.

Elissa just came in and turned the faucet on and walked away, so we all know she is peeing now.   You can't hide Elissa.

Candice announces to everyone that "Andy pulled her pants down and showed the world her ass crack, so his time is coming soon".    Andy is counting down the hours until he can eat real food.

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