Tuesday, July 2, 2013

McCrae Fears the Wrath of Candice #BB15

Candice was sitting on the couch and got called to the DR.  Once she got up and left, they were silent until the sliding door shut behind her.

Judd, with a mouth full of sandwich:  Dude, she's gonna crack.

McCrae agrees she's going to blow pretty soon.   She blew up at him already, but he knows he only "experienced a fraction of the wrath of Candice".


A few minutes ago, Aaryn was telling the group how Candice just barged into the bedroom and started telling her that she would never be able to reach her goals acting the way she does.

Aaryn:  Can you believe that?  So I told her I guess you didn't sit on my hat, because it would be totally flat.

(Love the rasta look on McCrae.)

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