Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Man Cannot Live on Pizza Alone #BB15

I am working on my Hat Gate #2 coverage so I'm surfing around on the Flashbacks and found last night's group dinner.  There are a few people missing from the table,  like Gina Marie and Nick, but everyone else is enjoying their pasta and salad.

Candice, Helen and Elissa are the ones who did the cooking, and even made a vegetarian version of the sauce.  While they eat they chatter about various topics, some of which Production doesn't approve of.

Houseguests:  We're not allowed to talk about Julie Chen?

For that we get a rare shot of the control room, with dozens of TV screens covering the action all over the house.  I can see the dinner table scene, but also someone outside moving around.  I'm guessing that's Nick, running or something.

At the table they are talking about the 5 second delay, even on the live feeds, and they wonder whose job that is, to monitor every single conversation for inappropriate content.

Aaryn:  It's that guy who came around and talked to us about the mics.


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