Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lots of Noise From the Crew #BB15

I am super excited to see what happens today with the MVP nomination and the PoV.  I have a ton of "real" work to do so I plan to keep the live feeds going all day while I work.

Right now everyone is sleeping, but there was a sound leak from what is either the backyard or the control room.  I heard guys talking and some stuff crashing together.

Last night everyone in the house heard what they thought was a DR leak and we had FISH.  It turned out that the voice is an actress named Poppy Montgomery who hosted the Have Not competition.  The CBS commercial running now for Sunday's show features McCrae saying that Poppy is "super hot".  That's Poppy on the right in this picture.

I guess CBS wants us to watch this show.  It 's called Unforgettable but if you ask me about it 48 hours from now I bet I will not remember it.  Sorry CBS. 

Here is the Have Not Room right now.  Obviously Production is letting them sleep on the floor now, which was not allowed earlier in the season.  They already got the Have Not footage that they wanted, but the CBS audience really has no idea how hard it is for the Have Nots every week. 


  1. Is McCrae sleeping in the Have Not room with Amanda?

  2. I don't think so. She woke up and got in bed with him in the Eames Room while everybody was waking up.

    Judd is saying now that BB made him stop using a pillow from the bathroom last night and Candice said they didn't let her use any towels or blankets, either.


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