Thursday, July 4, 2013

Let's Squeeze Even More Publicity Out of Hate Gate, Shall We? #BB15

At this point, you have to wonder about parties that come forward to announce they will no longer have anything to do with Aaryn or Gina Marie, when we must admit that we never even knew they existed, or had any connection to them in the first place.

Case in Point:  Bella Petite Magazine.

Now, who the hell is that?  I can tell you I would definitely be smack dab in the middle of that magazine's target market, but I've even never heard of it.  Until now.

Apparently they want us to know who they are, and who they are no longer affiliated with.  And here is a red-headed Aaryn Elizabeth Gries, who was their Covergirl.

And here is their manifesto, describing who they are, and what they will and won't stand for.

Here's what is so douchey about this.  The Editor-in-Chief has taken a selfie that features her huge knockers and posted it above the manifesto.  And the selfie posted is easily TWICE the size of the manifesto script.
Maybe every business in Texas should announce they will no longer sell french fries to Aaryn, or something like that.

Let's just all move on, okay?  The live feed community will be keeping a close eye and ear on Aaryn now and we'll take it from here, opportunistic attention-seekers.

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