Friday, July 12, 2013

Kaitlin Forgets We're Listening....Runs Her Yap #BB15

I'm kind of burnt out today after watching and recapping last night's BBAD show.  There wasn't a dull second so it took forever and now the day is toast.  But I do feel compelled to provide the following update.

Kaitlin has been making nice with Candice and says she wants Aaryn out, that she's acting so childish, and Kaitlin notices how much she exaggerates, and is embarrassed by Aaryn's conduct.

Candice says she has always liked Kaitlin, and knew she had a good heart, and encourages her to switch to their side of things.

Kaitlin:  I already have....I spoke with Helen today and made some deals.

Oh..Andy was there...of course.  Wearing his kitty cat T-shirt.

OK, so here's where Kaitlin needed to Know Her Role and Shut Her Hole.  In her zest to appear like a "regular girl" to Candice, she said there were plenty of problems in her family, too.  She appealed to us, the viewers, telling us that we can google her name and find it all out.

So someone did, and through a google search I found this:

Is this her dad?  Some of the internet sleuths did some more shallow digging, and I won't be reporting all of it, but they did determine that this same dad is also located in Las Vegas.  And that it looks like one of Kaitlin's two sisters may have already moved there.

And didn't we hear Kaitlin say on the live feeds that she wanted to be a go go dancer in Vegas when this summer is over?

Kaitlin needs to learn that we can see her at all times (almost) and hear her, too.  But I have to say unless there are a lot of other separate charges this does not seem like such a big deal to me.  The dollars involved are serious, but not fatal when compared to other recent financial scandals.  Just sayin'.


I will post these pictures from about an hour ago of Jeremy and Kaitlin talking.  He was giving her a little pep talk and said "damn those stickers", because I guess the question that knocked him out of the HoH competition was about the stickers on the luggage. 

(Cocky Jeremy could barely stay awake for the Big Brother Express.  You can see my recap of him bailing on the Express here.)

After last week's bout with HoH-itis, Jeremy seems everywhere at once now, as he backs off his showmance, has no alliance to meet with, and has to fight for a bed now.  He might be the new Andy this week, if he makes it through.

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