Monday, July 15, 2013

Just Another Day for Jeremy and Kaitlin #BB15

They crossed paths in the bathroom and Jeremy teased her by asking if her shorts are hiked up high enough. 

Right about now Jeremy said that Kaitlin's "fam" is going to love him now after his last DR session.

Oh I'm sure they are loving this whole thing.

Do you think Aaryn or Kaitlin's families have to tried to pull them from the game? 

During BB9 I think Chelsea's dad went to L.A (or threatened to) after they saw all of Crazy James' explicit gay porn on the internet while Chelsea was all over him in the house.  Chelsea didn't seem to care about all of those pesky cameras and she and James even had kind of a threesome with another female house guest, who later confessed to cheating in casinos and made a number of unflattering comments about Chelsea's "odor".

True story.

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