Thursday, July 11, 2013

Juicy Details as the House Waits for Tonight to Begin #BB15

 McCrae and Spencer have a little meeting in the Cockpit.  Spencer wants McCrae to vote a certain way and McCrae assure him he will do it.  The problem is that we had FISH and came back right in the middle of this conversation, so I can't report with confidence what Spencer told him to do.

They shake and say they both trust each other and Spencer says they connected with each other from Day #1, but have not been able to talk much lately because of Amanda.  He mentions that if Amanda is good with it this week than that is fine.  Spencer is worried about the aftermath, but it will just be a lot of bad attitudes and they will still control the MVP vote so I think he is pushing McCrae to vote out Nick.

 McCrae wants to split up the votes to keep the alliance quiet, but Spencer doesn't think it matters if they are out in the open as long as they stick together.  McCrae wants to give Nick one vote to stay but then admits that he "sucks at lying".

Amanda came in and Spencer said please to give them another few minutes.  She was really bitchy about it and McCrae had to placate her by saying it was all good, just to wait.  As soon as she closed the door Spencer said, "that's the kind of thing I'm talking about...".

 Jeremy bursts in and laughs at McCrae's hair, which has been straightened by Amanda.  He says he looks just like the guy in Dazed and Confused and McCrae has heard that before many times.  Spencer is just jealous of anybody with hair, he says.  They discuss how nervous Nick is and Spencer says he's jumping out of his skin.

Jeremy told them that Helen's behavior was fake right now, because "after he apologized to her" she came up to the HoH and wanted to make a deal with him, because no one would suspect them working together.

Before leaving Jeremy takes a few minutes to talk about how good his hair looks, and he doesn't understand why the ladies in the house don't like it this way.  He wishes it looked a little dryer, though, and not as gelled but he needs that to keep it up off his face.

Kaitlin comes in and is very agitated.  While everyone else is worried about the vote and the HoH competition, Kaitlin seems more concerned with what was discussed in her DR session, and what will be featured on tonight's TV show.

Kaitlin:  But this is a family show, right?  They can't show anything.

She yells at Jeremy to "to stop looking at her like that".  All of a sudden Kaitlin seems to remember she is on TV!  Aaryn comes in and wants to discuss her horrible socks, but Kaitlin keeps talking in code, worrying.

Aaryn:  Did you do it?

Kaitlin:  No, but it may have looked like it!

Aaryn:  Then why would you do that?  If it looked like it then why would you do that?  And they are going to think you are mad at something else, so wait to be mad until after the show!

(I don't think that will be any problem for any of these three....)

Jeremy tells Aaryn she looks like a Barbie Doll right now, except for those socks.  He assures the two girls that everything is right on track for tonight, and not to worry.

Kaitlin:  I am so upset right now....

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