Friday, July 19, 2013

Judd Takes Meetings #BB15

Judd is taking meetings in the Cockpit since his nominations will be made in a few hours.   I walked in on his meeting with Candice and heard Judd tell her he was thinking about putting Gina Marie and Kaitlin on the block, with Kaitlin as the pawn.

Whew...Helen isn't going to like that.  Since she promised Kaitlin the world last week in exchange for Kaitlin using the PoV to save herself.  Judd isn't scared of Helen.  Hell no.  Judd says he wants to backdoor somebody when the PoV is used, and of course he is expecting Elissa to win MVP again and nominate Aaryn.

As they wrapped it up Judd told her to share it with Howard, and Candice assured him that if she won HoH he and Jessie would not go on the block.

Then Judd walked into the bathroom where Aaryn and Gina Marie were getting ready and asked Aaryn to join him in the Cockpit.   I think the Have Not competition was a messy one, and they have all been showering after getting cleaned up.  Judd told Aaryn the same thing, that he planned to nominate Gina Marie and Kaitlin, and I could see Aaryn's body kind of droop with relief. 

Judd tells her that some people in the house will be angry with him for not nominating Aaryn.  He also says he is 90% sure that Elissa will win MVP again, and she told him that if Judd won't nominate Aaryn, she'll do it herself.

Judd isn't sure if it is better if he nominates her himself, or if he should let Elissa do it.  If he does it, then she can get taken off with the PoV and he can put someone else up.

Aaryn:  You'd use the PoV on me?

Judd:  Probably...yeah.  But don't tell anybody that...nobody knows we've been working together.

Judd told her that people still think she is a troublemaker in the house and she asks him who she should "be really nice to".  He says to be nice to Elissa, and keep doing what she's been doing.

(Maybe Judd figured out what a great chance he will have against Aaryn with the Jury votes.  All of her friends will likely be out of the game before Jury, and most of the Jury members will hate her.  You can't really say that about anybody else in the house right now, because I think Howard's problems will blow over if he keeps a low profile.)

 I wonder if Aaryn left that meeting feeling more or less worried?  We've all said a lot of things about Aaryn, but she is going to play hard and maybe Kaitlin's recent show of grit has inspired her.

 Judd then walked around to schedule his next meeting.  You can see the Mangos and Macaroni on the table---that was America's Choice this week.  Another good week of extras for those kids.  You can do so many things with macaroni and mangos are freaking delicious in a blender with some milk and a few flavorings.  Throw that all together with a few ice cubes and you'd swear you were at Jamba Juice.

Oh...want to know who the Have Nots will be?  Howard, Andy and Jessie will make return appearances in the Have Not room, as will the new inductee Spencer.  Spencer can afford a few days on slop.  It just really sucks for Jessie because she just finished up a week as a Have Not, and she could be in the HoH Suite this week with Judd.  She slept up there last night, you know.

Judd finds Elissa and asks her to join him.  When Judd asks, the ladies just do it.  Judd is just that charismatic and powerful.  Ha ha.

So Elissa joins Judd in the Cockpit now and he tells her that he talked to GMZ and told her she might go up.  Elissa was surprised at this, and Judd said she wasn't happy but if he didn't put her up, he would expect her to vote his way for the rest of the game.  Judd tells her that he is thinking about Kaitlin or Aaryn for the other nominee, and that he heard that Elissa would just nominate Aaryn as the third person on the block.

He asked Elissa to please not say anything to Helen about this, and says Kaitlin told him last night that Helen said Judd was going to nominate her.

Elissa whispers that she thinks Kaitlin is trying to start trouble between them and she expects her to do whatever she can with Aaryn to stay in the house.  Judd asks her if he puts up Aaryn and Kaitlin, would she put up GMZ as a pawn?

Elissa:  If I knew I had it I would be so happy...I'd go ahead and put Aaryn up.

Elissa thinks everyone wants Aaryn out before Kaitlin, but Judd says that Kaitlin is a bigger threat.

Judd:  Kaitlin is built like Janelle....she's a beast in challenges.  She's gonna kill it in competitions, and probably win veto.

Now he considers putting up Aaryn and GMZ, but says everybody has a deal with Kaitlin now.  Elissa denies that she has a deal with her, but says Helen would get "really upset" if Kaitlin is nominated.

Andy just interrupted and said he would be available anytime if Judd wants to meet with him.

(No shit Andy.)

Now they bring up how they became friends in the storage room on day two, and they know they will be friends for life.  Elissa says he is one of her best friends in this house.  Elissa is worried that Aaryn will come after her if she knows she put her up, but Judd says nobody needs to know that Elissa is MVP.

(Not this week, she isn't.)

As they wrap up Elissa says Jessie is so mean to her and she is the one who "put that Elissa sticker" on the toilet.  (What??? ha ha ha).

Judd:  I'm here to play for myself...I'm not here for a showmance..

Elissa:  She had a boyfriend when she started applying for this....

Judd:  Yeah, I remember you tellin' me that...

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