Friday, July 26, 2013

Judd the Stud? #BB15

Judd and Jessie are laying on the couch all tangled up, like this:

They are actually telling each other where they live, and describing where in Texas and Tennessee their towns are located.  Doesn't it seem odd that they have been living there for over one month and haven't talked about this yet?  Life in the Big Brother house is such a suspended reality --the basic parts of life just don't matter much to them since they have nothing to do with the game.

She said his face smelled so good, but then she did some sniffing and they decided it was Judd's hair gel.  She asked him about it but Judd could barely remember the name of it.

And then it was over.  Jessie went to the kitchen to eat some Baked Lays and everybody's life just went on.

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