Sunday, July 14, 2013

Judd Might Not Even Watch #BB15

But Andy assures him that he thinks he will be portrayed well.  Judd is worried about him being shown with a bad temper but Andy assures him that is not the case.

Andy is saying that Elissa can't win HoH next week because she won't want to get rid of Howard.  Andy complains about Howard using religion to get to Elissa.  Judd says he has prayed with Howard a few times, but it has been a long time and they didn't discuss the game at all.

Judd is religious, and says a little prayer every night, but never "goes in the room alone to pray."

A few minute after saying Elissa can't win, Andy clarifies that he and Helen "love love love" Elissa, but she can't win HoH.  Judd says he truly likes Elissa and he wishes he had defended her more.  He thinks she is actually playing the game now, and not bein' abused by Beiber Fever.

Judd:  Did we tell them that we call them that?

Andy just brought up how hard it would be to beat his BFF Helen in the finals, but Judd says they can worry about all of that later.  Judd also says that he likes the way Amanda never holds a grudge and apologizes for things immediately.  He thinks Kaitlin is a bartender, so she knows how to talk to people and will find a new alliance soon.  He thought Gina Marie will self-evict because she is so upset after every vote.

Judd jokes that she will be shocked when Jeremy is evicted and call everybody cockroaches.  He was trying not to laugh when she was going on an on about the cockroaches and turn his head a few times.

Judd:  She was goin' on and on about how if Nick had stayed, he would have won this thing!  And I said, that's why he went home...did you hear that?

He continues to imitate GMZ saying "he wudda won HoH and wouldn't have nominated anybody!"  They both say GMZ is clueless and are cracking up

Judd:  She saw the show on Facebook and applied!

They laugh about how Candice and Kaitlin didn't know how the Veto works.

Judd:  Aww...we shouldn't have told her...we could've said "if you even think about winning that POV you're going up" and if you win you're definitely going up!

Ha ha ha.

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  1. "we shouldn't have told her...we could've said 'if you even think about winning that POV you're going up' and if you win you're definitely going up!"

    LMAO!!! :-D


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