Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Judd Jacks Nick's T-Shirts #BB15

Jessie's cleaning spree continues as she dumps a whole load of clothes on the pool table that have not been claimed.  She also brought items from the bathroom that were "just sitting there" and Andy said, "well, that is Candice's make-up bag".

Andy carried a stack of towels to the bathroom, and presumably Candice's makeup bag.  Nobody needs a confrontation over that, do they?  Ain't nobody got time for that.

They found two T-shirts from H&M that Jessie says belong to Nick, and she encourages Judd to take them.  Judd's first impulse was "hell yeah, I'll take 'em".  But then you could tell he considered it, asking Jessie if stuff from H&M is expensive.  Then he asked if it would be wrong to take them, and Jessie said no, of course not..

Judd:  I don't have many shirts because so many of 'em got took.  I'll give 'em back at the wrap party.

Sure you will, Judd.  Sure you will.

Helen came out and wanted to know if she could tell Elissa something that would get her to turn against Howard.  I'm not really up to speed on Helen at the moment.  but she was satisfied with what she heard and went back in the house.  (I haven't watched any of last night's BBAD so that is still on my to do list.)

McCrae joined them and they laughed about Gina Marie for a few minutes.

McCrae:  I think she likes me and Amanda.


Judd:  Well, she likes you.

This seems to surprise McCrae, which I find shocking.  Judd says he thinks jealousy is the reason for it and McCrae says they have to win the HoH this week...they have to so Spencer and Howard can go on the block.

They all HATE Spencer now and Andy says he can't even stand to look at him and he's really going to have to fake it today.  They know that the results of this week's vote are going to create enemies for them, but Judd says it needs to happen in the next week or so, anyway.

Judd brings up Nick's T-shirts and Andy wondered what size they are.  Judd said they are medium and he's going to wear them, but then give them back to Nick when the summer is over.

Judd:  Just don't tell Gina Marie, or she'll put 'em in the shrine!

They laugh. It's funny.

They say it would be great if Aaryn won HoH this week.

McCrae:  I told her that, and she was like, 'so you don't get blood on your hands?' and I told her no.

Andy:  YES!

They all laugh.  Judd points out that at least Aaryn watches BB and really wanted to be on the show.  They point out Kaitlin was cast because she was pretty and could talk to people.  They find it hard to believe that Kaitlin never heard of the show before.

Judd:  Like, if Wrestlin' With Alligators was on for 27 seasons and I didn't now about it, I think that would be my fault, right?

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