Thursday, July 11, 2013

Judd and Jessie Celebrate in Bed #BB15

This is the bed they have been sleeping in, and it is probably the bed where they will stay this week if neither of them are Have Nots.  Judd tells Jessie not to worry about the girls being mean to her, none of this is personal.

Judd:  I'm kind of mad at Julie for calling you out like that...about wantin' a showmance.

Jessie goes over what Julie said, that there were people in the house who were in a showmance, and there are people in the house who wanted a showmance..

Judd:  But then Julie said, Jessie...and she could have called out Kaitlin or someone else

Jessie went over her answer to Julie and seems satisfied.  Judd says she did a great job.

Judd leans over and says they don't have to speak about this again for a long time, but he was thinking they could get a final four with Amanda and McCrae, and then a final two together.

 She seems to like the offer.

NOTE:  That is Jessie's bracelet Judd is wearing and is apparently very symbolic for the both of them.  The rest of the cast is talking about it, too.

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