Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jessie Needs a Hug #BB15

I watched the live feeds for a little while last night but didn't feel like posting for whatever reason.  I don't want to delete these cute pictures because I know some of you will like them.

Yesterday after the Have Not competition Jessie earned her ticket back to the Have Not Airport, and was understandably upset about it.  She was just a Have Not twelve hours before, and she will not be allowed to sleep in the HoH room with Judd now.

So she's bummed.

Judd had a constant stream of visitors to his HoH Room as people came in to share their opinion about Judd's upcoming nominations.  After the last person left Judd was going to go downstairs but she asked Judd to come over and hug her.  I think she had to repeat it before he understood what she wanted.  He bent down and gave her a good one.  She held on tight.

A good hug goes a long way.

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