Monday, July 15, 2013

Jeremy Stirs Up a Hornet's Nest With Candice #BB15

Things started out innocently enough...with Amanda and Candice laying in the sun and talking about how Candice feels about Howard.  Candice says that she likes to make friends first, and then turn it into something romantic, but Amanda says that she just jumps right into things and asks questions later.

Candice knows she can be hard to handle because she doesn't like to be told what to do, but when Howard tried to calm her down after the bed flipping situation she liked the way he handled it.   Then Jeremy came out and Amanda asked him a question about the Moving Company.


Jeremy said they would probably still be together if there weren't so many cowards in the group.  This got both girls riled up and Amanda explains to Jeremy that just because they preferred to work with someone else, that doesn't make them cowards.

Amanda then said that if McCrae wasn't the HoH that week, he probably wouldn't have been in the group.  Jeremy just said he felt happy to be included, and was cool with it.  Then Candice started gloating that knowing about the boy's alliance since the very beginning.  She noticed how they talked to each other, and others didn't talk to each other.  Candice saw them using bird calls or something like that to signal each other.

Amanda says she asked Jeremy why he never talked about Spencer and Howard and he remembers, saying he thought he was pretty smooth about it.  Amanda had no idea that McCrae was in the alliance.  Candice can't believe McCrae kept her out of it for so long.

Jeremy mentions again that "no one backed me up" and Candice jerked her head around to stare at him.   Then Jeremy starts talking about how they wanted to get Amanda out.

Jeremy:  Everybody thought you were a loose cannon.

Amanda:  I think I'm a pretty secure cannon.

Jeremy admits that he wasn't trying to hurt anybody...he knows he came at people too hard sometimes but he didn't mean to cause pain.  His mom and closest friends said that he would need to lay back for the first few weeks but it is hard as a competitor to do that.

Jeremy:  I'm okay with it.

Candice:  Well, I say Fuck the Moving Company 'cause ya'll used me for a vote.  And you can't tell me that you voted for David, because there is no way that you did.

Jeremy:  When you get home and see that I did vote for him, will you call me?  I swear on everything...

Candice:  If you did, then that means GMZ didn't..

Jeremy tells her that Nick didn't vote to save David, and goes through the list of votes to evict.  Candice wants to know why Spencer told her to do that, and Jeremy says Spencer will tell her that he voted for David.

Now Jeremy talks about how Candice went upstairs and wanted Aaryn to vote out Amanda and McCrae.  When she protests Jeremy says she is "lying through her teeth" and Candice lost it, jumping up and getting in the pool and pointing in his face.  She dragged Aaryn into the conversation and Aaryn backed her up, then kept saying one thing you don't say to her is that she lies.

As she went back to her towel they kept at it, with Jeremy telling her not to get upset, it's just a game, back and forth like a tennis match.

Candice:  I won't get upset.  And you'll be playing this game outside the house, boo.  If you want to come back, GAME FUCKING ON, because everybody knows I'm not scared.

Jeremy kept picking at Candice, so she jumped up again, hurling constant insults at Jeremy while he laughed at her.  Somehow she brought up the size of his dick and they argued about that, too.
Howard is going to have his hands full with Candice.  Jeremy told her she can't control her emotions so she's going to be next out.

Candice:  Fine.  I'll see  you in Texas, then.

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