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Jeff's Post Eviction Interview with Nick Uhas #BB15

Jeff sat down with Nick Uhas the day after his eviction from the BB15 house and Nick was exactly how we expect him to be...energetic, informed, and articulate.  Jeff commented that he was sad to see Nick evicted, but was also happy to have the first eviction interview with someone who knows how to "move things along".

(They have been saying that David didn't get an interview because of the July 4th holiday, but I think they didn't want to pay the crew and go to the trouble for someone who had a hard time getting through a two minute interview with Julie Chen.  Sorry David but you didn't really put out like any of us expected you to.)

Jeff had Nick go back to Day #1 in the house, so Nick described going in there and getting rocked by the MVP twist, and knowing he had to do something fast.  He stayed up on the popsicle for over 4 hours and wanted to see who else would stay up there, too.  Since he already had a deal with McCrae, he just rounded up Howard, Spencer and Jeremy and visited McCrae in the HoH on Day #2 to set up The Moving Company.

They  both agree this twist is one of the biggest ever, and Nick refers to MVP as HoH and a Half due to all of the power.  He wanted to call the alliance The Wolfpack and Jeff correctly guesses that as a reference to The Hangover and Nick confirms it.  They both like that name better than Moving Company.

One of Nick's plans was not to pick a bed, so he just put his suitcase down and waited to see what happened, and he ended up getting in on the opposing alliance and was very close to making a second deal with them when he was evicted.  Nick says that that his alliance plan was "flawless" and Jeff reminds the viewers that Nick is describing the first few days, because the plan is not so flawless now.  They have an easy rapport and  laugh the whole time and Nick is a good sport, maybe even the best ever.  He is not salty at all, and how many evicted house guests can you say that about the day after they get the boot?

One thing that really annoyed me about Nick in his pre-season interviews was that he couldn't just answer a question---he had to act it out and couldn't sit still.  I appreciate this quality in Nick now, because I know he was being his true self and this is how he is.  The Robot Nick who was trying to put up with so much shit in the house seems to be the invention.

Nick says he is in no way related to Dan Gheesling, and the comparison probably hurt him in the house.  Nick wishes he were related to Dan, because then he might have been MVP.  Jeff says that he tries to be impartial during his preseason interviews, but Nick was Jeff's pick to win from the beginning because he thought Nick had the tools to win.

Jeff apologizes if that brought Nick bad luck, and Nick said that if they kept the live show on Wednesdays, he might not have been evicted.  The change in schedule wasn't told to the house guests until late in the week, and that extra day messed up his strategy to meet with people and lock up votes.

Nick says that The Moving Company is dead now so we shouldn't even use that hashtag anymore.  He thinks Jeremy and Spencer would try to stick together, but once the girls figure out he had a hand in David's eviction there will be too much hell to pay.

 Of course they talked about Gina Marie.  Nick says it was a Fauxmance that turned into a Showmance, but they were really just friends.  Gina was loyal to him and he can't say enough about how much that meant to him.    Nick is aware of her sobbing for HOURS after his eviction and Jeff says if that was an HoH contest, Gina Marie would have won.

(You can see GMZ sob here.)

Nick is going to take her on a date as promised, to a Monster Truck Rally.  Nick says he is a man who keeps his word and he promised her.  Jeff wonders if he would have kissed her if he had a few more days and Nick says he thought about giving her that kiss she wanted at the door on his way out, but wasn't sure how she voted so he decided not to.

Jeff:  Like a full Hollywood kiss?

Nick clarifies it would be more of a goodbye and good luck kiss between friends.

Nick thinks that McCrae and Helen both have a shot to win, but says Helen will need to tone down the BB fan act that she puts on where she's just so happy to play the game.  He thinks she may fall victim to a secret MVP or get backdoored because everyone does realize that she is a big threat to win.  He said the way McCrae is so "low lying" and knows so much about the game gives him a great chance to take it all.


Jeff asked about Jessie stalking him, saying it was really creepy and Nick says he was in no way attracted to Jessie.  Jeff tells him that there was a whole montage of this on the show, but Nick starts describing certain situations with Jessie and Jeff says "Yeah..we saw it on TV".

Nick also said that McCrae and Spencer both have the potential to be "immaculate liars".

 Nick says if he won MVP, he would never have told anyone, and he would have put McCrae up on the block, and then when McCrae got off the block his true plan would be to backdoor Amanda.  Nick says he wanted Amanda out of there, fast.

As they wrap up the interview Jeff presents with his own HoH Robe, and Nick says he is going to wear it around his Manhattan apartment and think about what went wrong.  Then Jeff says we can all buy our very own HoH Robes on the CBS website.  (I can't believe they haven't thought of this before.)

Nick pretends to cry in his robe like Gina Marie and it is funny.

Jeff will see us again next week and invites Nick to come back and co-host with him sometime.  Nick is all over that offer, as you might expect.

 Jeff did mention that there was controversy in the house but both of them knew not to discuss it any further.  Don't blame Jeff for that..he's just  "the talent" now and doesn't have much of a say beyond that.  I'm sure Jeff is just happy to be there, if you know what I mean.  You can see the interview for yourself at this link to the CBS website.


I was looking on the CBS website to get some info about the HoH robe for you and I found some "Eviction Vines".  They are really funny and we see Jeff show Nick how to walk down a runway, etc, so you can see these at this link.

I finally found the damn HoH Robe but not through a link on the Big Brother page---I had to go to the main CBS website and there it was next to the CSI T-shirts.

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