Monday, July 22, 2013

Jeff Reunites with Jeremy McGuire #BB15

Jeff welcomes Jeremy and I think Jeff is particularly happy today.  He was very annoyed by Jeremy during his pre-season interview and pointed out how cocky he was at least three times.   Jeff asks if his pronunciation of "ma dude" is okay and Jeremy says it is.

Jeff brings up his cockiness again and Jeremy continues to tell everyone who interviews him that he is leaving a changed man due to Kaitlin.

Jeremy:  You can spell it...Kaitlin.

Jeff:  No, I can't actually spell that.

Jeff says he seems somber and asks what hurts more, losing or losing Kaitlin.  Jeremy points out that he hasn't lost Kaitlin yet, but he hates losing, and repeats that he is a champion when he eats, sleeps and poops.

Jeremy says his mom is still proud of him, no matter what.  She told him to tone it down before he went in there but he says he knows now that he should have listened, adding that his slice of Humble Pie is delicious.

Jeff says there are a lot of showmances  this year, and wonders why he and Kaitlin were seen as so much of a target.

Jeremy:  Well, we are two gorgeous people....

Jeff:  The modesty issue is still there...

Jeremy adds that they are strong in the compeitions and Kaitlin holds her own.  He says that his showmance is real, and this may be different from the other showmances.

Jeff points out that Jeremy hasn't seen everything yet., and that he is only speaking from speculation and Jeremy agrees.

Adam Poch from BB13 had a question about taking the wine.  To me, this is such a stupid question about a stupid topic, and is barely worth mentioning.  Helen acted like she had been publicly shamed by Jeremy and would need counseling later, but this seemed like a big crock of crap to me.  If this was one of Helen's worst moments in life (she said this on the live feeds) then Helen has led a charmed life and needs to go home and live it.

Jeremy did what he did and just has to move forward.  He can't change things now.

He thinks Kaitlin helped, rather than hurt his game.  She calmed him down and told him to lay low, that he didn't need to act that way.  He claims she made him grow up a little bit.  Jeff brings up the "bully" word and Jeremy says he needs to control that side of him.

(I think the word "bully" is overused WAY too much in America today.  I did not see Jeremy bully anybody, according to my terms.  If people were intimidated by Jeremy's words that is their own fault.  Just my two cents.)

(Wiping his ass with Elissa's hat is something else entirely, that I do not have a term for.)

Jeremy says his hairstyle today is "old school Beiber" and they laugh about it.  Jeremy planned to use Kaitlin as a pawn but she quickly turned into his queen.  Jeff says Jeremy had that one ready ahead of time and Jeremy laughs, saying Jeff is right. 

Jeff points out that some of the competitions are geared for smaller people and  women, so dominating competitions might not be the best strategy.  Jeremy would be more humble if he could do it over again, and says that he basically went into every competition telling everyone they were going to lose.

Jeremy waited to start campaigning for himself because he thinks timing is everything and he wanted to go straight to the queen bees and not bother with the "little ants" running around.  Jeff says he may have pushed Kaitlin harder to not use the PoV, and that may have worked.  Jeremy said he heard people say that if she didn't use it, she would go home.  He had already fallen for Kaitlin at that point and didn't expect her to sacrifice her game for him like Brendon  did for Rachel.  Jeff points out that Kaitlin is always right there at the end in the mental competitions and could be a big threat.

Jeremy thinks Kaitlin is in a good spot now, and also Andy.  He says Andy made friends with the right people and is laying under the radar.  Jeff agrees that he doesn't appear to be a threat, and that will help him.

Jeff points out that the MVP has really impacted the game, and Jeremy says the house is full of cowards who are "afraid of the Queen Bee" and if the Moving Company had stuck together they could have gone far in the game.

Jeremy left Kaitlin a few things to remember him by, including the Never Not pass, but he's not sure if she will get to use it.

If Jeremy was HoH he would put up Howard and Spencer.  He doesn't like the way Howard us making promises on the Bible and is being very sneaky.  Jeremy would have loved to be the only guy in the house with all of those girls.  Jeff agrees its a girl's house right now.

Jeff brings up the racist issues, saying Jeremy must have a sense that this has been a big issue.  Jeremy mentions the bed-flipping incident and says it is horrible.  He says you forget the cameras are on you sometimes, and Jeff says he can vouch for that.  Jeff mentions that Jeremy might be guilty by association, too, because he was present for some of the activity and was friends with the people causing the problem.

They agree that the house has a high school feel as everyone tries to fit in with their cliques.  Jeff says that he is going to see some interesting things when he goes home and catches up with the show.

Jeremy plans to "finish his sleeve" and get a tattoo of the BB skeleton key that says "XV".  Jeff teases him about how he knew that was "15" and Jeremy tells him he is an artist, and is kind of smart.  Jeremy says he might get the BB tat on his "other buttcheek".   Jeff is making a lot of mistakes reading off the cards and apologizes.  Jeremy says "Jeff is perfect" and he "shouldn't get flustered".

Jeremy hopes Elissa is gone before Jury.  He says Judd was a good friend of his in the house, and he hopes he won't nominate Kaitlin.  If he could do it over he would not have aligned with the Moving Company and says that McCrae handled himself well and was straight with him and Jeremy respects that.  He says that everybody in the house wants Amanda out, but nobody seems to be trying to make that happen.  From week #1 people were telling him that Amanda needed to go.

Jeremy is going to watch the rest of the season, of course.  He didn't go in a Super Fan but came out a Super Fan.  He says he is hooked and tells Kaitlin he's going to be watching her.  Jeff points out that she isn't watching this, but Jeremy says she may watch it later.  He says that the Moving Company was making fun of the Brigade, saying their alliance would be so much better.  But in retrospect they should have been more like the Brigade, because they stuck together and stayed loyal to each other to get to the end.  (Except for the way they backstabbed Matt Hoffman.)

Jeremy plans to vote for the MVP, and if he could evict one person this week it would be Spencer.  Jeremy says he will miss not having to work in the house, and when Jeff made fun of that Jeremy explained that he's been working since he was 14 and he enjoyed the break.  (I don't think I've ever heard Jeremy mention his father, although he spoke of his mother frequently.  I wonder if that is why Jeremy started working so young?)

Jeff mentions his poem that he wrote for Kaitlin and Jeremy can't believe Jeff called him out on that.  Jeff asks him to recite it and it goes as follows:

Roses are red
Your eyes are blue green
This game is unreal
But you are my dream

Jeff says it was okay.  Super-corny, but okay. He only knew to ask about it because someone mentioned it on Twitter.

Jeff gives him an HoH Robe and Jeremy is thrilled.  Jeremy says when McCrae won HoH he told him to "wear his baller robe" but McCrae wouldn't do it.  Jeff wants Jeremy to tell the fans how soft the robe is and Jeremy says it is awesome and he will live in it.

Jeff needs to send an HoH Robe to David Girton.  He didn't get to interview with Jeff after he was evicted and has mentioned on Twitter several times that he'd like his damn robe, please.

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