Friday, July 12, 2013

Is TMZ Part of Production at This Point? #BB15

Did CBS buy out Harvey Levin?  Because they are all over this story right now.  I am working on my recap of BBAD, but trust that the shit got real in the house last night.  Because there are not enough beds for everybody, there was a HUGE BEEF over the beds in the Small World room where Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy tried to move back in and move Candice back out.

I watched some of this live on BBAD, and I was really scared and am hoping they have security on hand backstage, because this is getting really nasty.   I could FEEL Howard trying to calm himself and not go ballistic after this happened. 

Can you imagine the scene if Howard lets his temper go?  And shit gets physical?  He could strangle Aaryn with one hand, and beat up Jeremy with the other if he wanted to.

You can read the TMZ coverage here.  They have posted an excerpt of BB live feed footage on their website, so I recommend watching it while you can before it gets taken down.  Unless CBS gave them the OK, of course.

***wink wink***

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