Tuesday, July 16, 2013

HoH Picture Time #BB15

Helen came out with her camera and said they only had an hour with it, so everyone in the backyard got busy right away.

Elissa was a model, so she immediately started posing.  This is her next to Candice, who wasn't ready yet.

 Howard played photographer for a few of the shots.

When they were getting ready to take this picture, we had a view from Howard's angle, but then Spencer came over to gawk and he totally obliterated the camera shot, so BB moved to this angle.I was waiting for BB to call him in the DR so he wouldn't get in the way anymore.

When the camera came out they laughed that Gina Marie made the transition from a frumpy, mopey person to taking her top off and posing like a party girl.

This pose was Andy's idea---he wanted to imitate a sorority picture so Helen told him to pose in the middle.  He's really giving it to us here, and probably sucking in his stomach just like a real Tri Delt.

 Spencer and Howard picked up GMZ for this picture.

I don't understand why a young girl would get a tattoo like this, in that location.  It looks like a birthmark, right?  Or a huge bruise?  And it's not even in a place where she can see it herself, so what's the point?  She might need to call Dr. Tattoff.  I think Will gives people in the "BB Family" a discount in exchange for the publicity.

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