Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Helen's Favorite Part of Media Day Was Meeting Jeff #BB15

Andy agrees, totally.  He saw Jeff and knew that he would be meeting with him but it was still exciting.

Helen said Jillian from BB Canada let the cat out of the bag that she would be meeting Jeff, so she looked forward to it all day.  It was her last interview of the day and she was so excited.

Helen started to tell us some details about this, but BB didn't want us to hear it.  Andy said he was excited to meet Jillian, but Jeff was another level.

McCranda is still sleeping, obviously.

Jessie has been cleaning up the backyard like a demon, moving chairs and putting cushions back where they are supposed to be.  Andy and Helen commented that there wasn't one clean glass or cup to drink out of and kind of laughed at how useless the situation is.

Andy and Judd have a funny conversation, laughing about GMZ getting voted out and ruining Judd's whole HoH reign.  They joke about her being a doctor, a GP, and Judd imitates her saying "your kid's sick as shit!"  It is really funny.

Things are getting Dastardly, for sure.  They hate Spencer and Howard now but are in fake alliances with them.  Andy has to meet with them today to make up a name for their alliance and Judd says to just pick "some ignorant name".

Sounds like Kaitilin is going bye-bye this week.  Whew it's going to be a shocker, either way.  Judd tells Jessie that he's been keeping a distance from her because people keep talking about them being in a showmance.

They discuss how devoted Candice is to Howard, but he is not on her side at all in the game.

Judd:  I think he kinda likes her though, no matter what he says to us.

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