Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helen Still Wants to Be In Charge #BB15

The feeds just came back from TRIVIA and Helen has pulled Kaitlin aside for yet another little speech and pep talk.

She is indeed planning to send Jeremy home, and tells Kaitlin she will tell him herself, so he "won't be blindsided".

Kaitlin:  I don't think he will be blindsided.

Elissa says that "somebody used her stuff yesterday", and Jessie says "hers is completely gone".  All of the girls are rushing around, zipping open make up bags and rummaging in drawers as they start getting ready.

Now I switch to another camera, where Spencer and Andy are laughing about GMZ freaking out just now.   Apparently she was shrieking that somebody used her "Sebastian Hair Spray" and they laugh about what a firey nut she is.  Spencer appreciates that she takes up for herself, though.

Andy:  Woe is the girl who used that Sebastian hair spray, because when she finds out.....

They joke that GMZ's freakout will be on the CBS show and then in the next scene we will see Candice using it in the HoH room.  They hear her down the hall saying she found it and Andy laughs about it, leaving the room to get the full story.

Andy:  So, you were playing the blame game!

Kaitlin tells him that somebody did use half of the bottle and Spencer sits alone, listening until Andy comes back.

Spencer says to tell Jessie that he has been huffing it, so that is why her hairspray is gone.

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