Monday, July 8, 2013

Helen Keeps Howard in Check #BB15

She has called out "check" at least five times in the last 90 seconds.  Helen considered wearing one of Elissa's shirts today, but apparently settled on one of her own shirts.  This green top ties at the waist and shows a little bit of skin.

Helen wanted Elissa to nominate Nick in Jeremy's place for several reasons, one of which is trying to figure out what side Spencer is really playing on.

Of course, if he is playing on Nick's team, it will be too late to save Elissa, because she'll be long gone, but I think Helen knows that will be good for her game.  She can just try to blend in with the wallpaper and let the showmance action boil and bubble over.

And she thinks she would be next in line for MVP, too.  Yep.  I believe that's what Helen really thinks, although she expressed concerns to Elissa that Jeremy might be an MVP contender.

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