Monday, July 8, 2013

Helen Dispenses Valuable Advice #BB15

to Elissa, as the PoV ceremony draws near.

Helen tells her not to be bitter during her speech, but to make it in the role of a mother, to be gracious and kind.  (If only they all knew just how valuable Helen's advice is, in the real world.)

Elissa jokes that she will say "Jeremy, I don't know why you  wouldn't use the Veto on me?" and they both crack up.  Helen loves that line and thinks America will, too.

Elissa said she asked Kaitlin with a straight face if Jeremy might use the PoV on her and she said Kaitlin said, "I don't know...".

They both laugh at how Kaitlin is just here for the showmance.

Elissa got called to the DR, and then Judd came in and whispered that maybe Elissa should put up Kaitlin, but I think Elissa will nominate Nick. 

Judd said he would respect whatever decision Elissa makes, and makes his exit.  BB called Elissa to the DR again, and she said that BB should just be patient with her this morning, because "her life sucks in there".

Hi Candice.  I think this is enough, now.  You won't have a speaking role in this morning's ceremony, so you can relax.  But what else does she have to do?  Might as well look good, I guess.

Lots of banging and clanking noises in the kitchen.  Candice murmurs that she guesses she "has to eat slop again today..".

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