Thursday, July 18, 2013

Helen Blogs...and Blogs....and Blogs #BB15

This is actually a very well-written blog from Helen Kim as she wraps up her very long week as HoH in the BB15 house.

Of course Helen has to cover the same ground over and over and over..about the lying, the girl power, the fucking nail party......we've been watching Helen!  We know!  We all know!

 Now go back to the Have Not room and Shut Up! 

Ha ha.  Just kidding?  Ha ha.

HoH Blog: Helen

Posted on Jul 16, 2013 03:25pm

As a Super Fan of Big Brother, I am so blessed to be part of this year's cast. It is just icing on the cake that I am this week's HOH - what a dream come true.

What a crazy week it has been in the Big Brother house (BBH). Last week, Nick became the third nominee after Jeremy won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Elissa and I planned for the BBH to evict Nick, however the Houseguests started to lean towards evicting Elissa. WHAT?!??! I remember thinking something is not right, someone (Spencer and/or Howard) is lying to me and evicting Elissa CAN NOT happen. I knew it was imperative Nick be evicted if we were ever going to find out the truth (The final vote count to evict Nick was 7 to 4 instead of 8 to 3). I want to give props to Judd, who helped secure Jessie's vote to keep Elissa in the House, which was a game changer that helped bring down the Moving Company Alliance.

My three goals as HOH was to find out the truth behind Spencer and Howard, backdoor Jeremy and get the girls together for some fun - even though the girls are divided in the House, I thought it would be nice to host a Nail Party and set a tone that while we are "competing", we don't need to "fight" - hoping this would help bring down the drama.

Over the last few days, every member of the Moving Company Alliance has spilled their beans, including Jeremy - it is amazing how quickly they all threw each other under the bus and confessed everything. McCrae was the first person to inform me about the Moving Company Alliance, and because he has been loyal with his votes I have decided to forgive him and continue working with him.

Spencer and Howard are a different story. They have told me repeatedly the only two people I should trust in the game was the two of them while they were lying to me the entire time, but I have bigger fish to fry this week. Ever since Jeremy yelled at Andy, Elissa, Candy and Amanda about the red wine, Jeremy has been my biggest target. While I have forgiven Jeremy, I have not forgotten. His presence in the House makes every Houseguest uneasy, including Kaitlin, and it is time for an exorcism and get the evil spirit of Jeremy out of this House.

I think with Jeremy finally gone, the Houseguests will become more confident, and I can't wait to see who wins the next competitions.

The hardest part of this game is missing my husband and two boys. It is a blessing to have my fellow mom, Elissa, in this game with me. Having someone who can understand how much I miss my children and talk to has really helped.

In closing, thanks America for watching this season.

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