Thursday, July 18, 2013

Haters Gonna Hate #BB15

Today Twitter featured Jeremy's twitter account as one of the suggested accounts I should follow.  I thought, what the hell, so I clicked on their link.

This is Jeremy's real Twitter account, and his last tweet was on June 5th, and was as follows.

We've all seen that shirt, right?  He usually wears it unbuttoned, but I don't recall seeing this particular hairstyle.  The best part was the responses from the crowd, which have obviously been posted more recently.  I heard Jeremy say on the live feeds that he would respond to each and every hateful message he gets on Facebook, so I guess we know what he'll be busy with this weekend, huh?

I'm going to follow Jeremy on Twitter to see what happens next.  He was very fun to watch on the live feeds, and always gave us something to talk about.

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