Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hat Gate #2 - Jeremy is a Naughty Boy #BB15

Perhaps you don't know that last night another HatGate incident occurred, although this time it involved Jeremy, Elissa, and apparently a good stiff scolding from the BB Production staff.  There may have even been threats of expulsion.

Sound juicy?  It did to me too, so I am using the Flashback feature of the live feeds to get to the bottom of it.

Let's start last night, around 6:45 pm BBT.  Ever since the Have Nots were released for the week, there has been a serious shortage of bed space.  Judd and Andy have continued to sleep in the Have Not room so they don't have to deal with the drama.  As long as they can eat and take a hot shower they are okay with sleeping "on the plane".

But the Boats and Ho's group wants to have the bed situation figured out.  Aaryn comes into the Small World room to report that there are three girls sleeping in a bed in the other bedroom, and someone needs to ask Candice to share.  Or something like that.

By the way, Production didn't just take Gina Marie's clothes and other personal items on Monday, they've stripped her of her dignity.  Gina Marie is going to be in a panic when she sees herself on TV now, if she can even take watching it.

(I'm still waiting for an answer about why Big Brother jacked all of her stuff.)


 It's going to take Gina Marie "like, two hours to get ready for the thing tomorrow".  (i.e. the live show)  They are doing the bed math on how McCrae and Amanda will be rejoining the crew downstairs but someone will be going up there.

Aaryn has to explain to Gina Marie that BB does this on purpose, to make life difficult for them.  They know Helen can't sleep "with a dude" because she is married, and Aaryn doesn't want to "sleep with a dude again" either.

After Aaryn and David leave Gina Marie asks Nick to please keep sleeping in the bed with her and not to move.  He says he doesn't want to, but if he needs to keep the peace in the house, he'll move.  GM starts bitching about Candice now, and how stubborn and unapproachable she can be.

Now we see Aaryn and David laying in bed in the Eames Room, and Aaryn is whining about how she feels targeted in the house, and she's sick of the way "certain people" are treated.

(Apparently oblivious to the fact that her boy David is on the block and should be the one complaining.)

Jeremy is laying in the opposite bed listening, but I think he is pretending to sleep.  You can hear voices talking and dishes clanging in the kitchen.

Aaryn:  Like, I knew what I was getting into, but like, I just want to eat my breakfast for once or whatever without someone talking shit to me.  I'm so sick of hearing that voice, but like I can't get away from it.

BB admonishes David and Jeremy to stop obstructing their microphones.  David looks bewildered and Jeremy says "I wasn't even talking...I was trying to nap".  He stood up to leave and tells them that he didn't want to interrupt their conversation, but they should just tough it out for another day and when the crowd starts to thin out, it will be easier.

And before he leaves the room, Jeremy goes over to the credenza and picks something up.  Turns out it is Elissa Slater's blue hat.

Jeremy:  See this hat?

And he proceeds to pull his shorts down and rub the hat along his butt.  Accounts I have read online indicated that he rubbed the hat inside his buttcrack.  I didn't think that was possible, and believed it to be an exaggeration, but now that I've seen it, I'm a believer.

It happened quickly, and I would not want my hat that close to anybody's ass, but it's not like he used it for toilet paper or anything.  And it's not like he rubbed it on David's dirty junk, right?

(I think I'm more disturbed by the tattoos on Jeremy's ass.  Why would someone do that?)

Aaryn and David laugh.  David says "Oh my gosh!  I wonder if they're going to say something about that?"

So this was HatGate #2, and I will also recap the BB-required apology in a post to follow shortly.

***UPDATE***   You can read about Jeremy's apology to Elissa here.

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