Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gina Marie on Tyra Banks Show #BB15

On Monday night, Gina Marie was laying in the hammock with Aaryn, and they were both kind of venting about Candice, implying that the way she was cast seemed fishy.

Aaryn:  She was on Oprah, she was Miss Teen Lousiana, she was Miss Louisiana...

GMZ:  She was on Oprah?

Aaryn:  She's in the Miss USA system,, and that is just huge...

GMZ:  She was on Oprah?

Aaryn:  Yeah, when she found her mom...

You could tell this just irritated Gina Marie to no end, so then this happened.

GMZ:  Well, I was on Tyra Banks, but nobody will ever see that...

Aaryn:  You were on Tyra Banks?   For what?

GMZ:  I got engaged on the Tyra Banks show....back in 2007.

She went on to say that she contacted You Tube and "got it all taken down".  She said there was an article about their engagement in "their local newspaper" but she "got that taken down, too...all of it".

Aaryn asked her why, and she said they they're not engaged anymore, so why would she want to see video of them all happy. 

(It's not about what YOU want to see, Gina's what WE want to see!)

GMZ:  You won't see the video..unless you bought some kind of DVD of Tyra's show from 2007 or somethin'....

Aaryn:  Why would they even sell that....

Well, I did some digging, and then dug some more, but I couldn't find the video. I did find a few picture stills of the event.  I know GMZ had some sort of bad break up with him, and then she had to move back in with her parents.  I think she made the move to her parent's house last summer.

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