Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gina Marie Has Opinions #BB15

Gina Marie just spent a few minutes with Judd in the storage room and she was saying that she fucking hates Candice and she has from day one.  She heard Candice say that she and Spencer should go on the block and now she uses this to say how much she hates her.

Judd:  Oh, I fucking hate her too...

Then she goes into the Have Not room with Andy and starts the conversation by saying, "I think you know I've always hated Candice".  And so on..

 Andy is agreeable, of course, and nods and encourages her in all of the right places.

In the Cockpit Helen got her group together and said that the plan is to get Aaryn to nominate Spencer and Howard, and then tell both of them that Aaryn didn't honor their deal to let them choose the nominees.

 Right then Spencer barged in and came in and sat right in the middle of the group.  He did this right before the live show, too.  Is he just trying to hang out now?  Or is this a big Fuck You to the group?  There is a lot of silence now, and tension, but McCrae tries to pretend that the silence is outrage over Aaryn winning tonight.  They agree it was a crapshoot and McCrae says they have to look at her pictures again.

McCrae:  Oh great. We have to listen to the Spice Girls now.

Andy:  Or's going to be fucking country music.

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