Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gina Marie: Guess Who's Been Smokin'? #BB15

(This is a Flashback from just after midnight early this morning.)

Gina Marie makes Aaryn guess, and when Helen's name comes up Aaryn says "No!"

Aaryn:  When you've been addicted you can't have just one!

Gina Marie:  I's like candy, right?

Gina Marie told Aaryn that Helen and Jessie were crouched down in a corner behind the hammock and BB came on the intercom to tell them that they can't smoke in that area, calling them out by name.

Busted!  (You can see pictures of Helen smoking here.)

Right then Jessie and Helen came into the HoH and Aaryn smirked at Helen but I didn't hear her mention the smoking news.

Amanda then came in and sat on the couch in her ladylike fashion and Helen told her that Candice was starting to campaign to evict Amanda.

Amanda takes the news calmly, as they all say that Howard needs to go this week.  They think Jessie leaked the news that they were all working together to Candice, but don't want to give her a hard time about it. 

Sneaky Helen did not mention that she just told Jessie in the Cockpit that although Amanda does need to go, she didn't want to risk making McCrae mad right now, because he might align with Spencer and Howard.  She said they need to get McCrae to trust them and then make the move to vote him out.

Helen left the room to go get Jessie so she could be included in this conversation, and when she left Aaryn asked Amanda if she saw Helen smoking.  Amanda confirmed it, and mentioned how sneaky Helen went about it. 

Aaryn:  I didn't say anything about it because I didn't feel it was my place, but I've known people who were really addicted to smoking who quit and when they had just one they started back again.

Amanda claims she has quit smoking now, saying she "took one puff and it was gross". 

I guess if Amanda can quit smoking while she's a Have Not and on the block, then she must be serious about it.  I think she ran out of cigarettes, though, so there's that....

***GET THIS***

Helen just said that after Candice "threatened her", she was so stressed out that "she had to go outside and have a cigarette".

So now it's Candice's fault. 

***whatever Helen, whatever***

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