Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB15

They are all rushing around because I think their rehearsal starts at 3:00 pm BBT.  (The feeds don't show that of course.)

Spencer tells Howard he is "one class act" and later tells him he looks like Apollo Creed.

Kaitlin needs hair spray but Candice doesn't have any.  (If she's smart she will ask GMZ for some...)

Candice ironed this shirt for Spencer for last week's show but he didn't wear it because they were told to wear athletic clothes.  So he's going to wear it this week instead so he can "look classy".

Candice is planning to eat a hot dog right in the near future, but first she and Andy want to ask each other one question to prepare for the competition.  Jeremy comes in and says Howard looks like Kimbo Slice and Howard keeps shaving without comment.  Andy asks about Jeremy's pimples and he says they are still there but there is nothing he can do about it .

Candice really wants a Hot Pocket and Jeremy says "oh yes a Hot Pocket!".  Kaitlin came in and Jeremy announced that she had "legs for days in that dress, and he would lick them for days, too".

Kaitlin uses her "Tide Stick" on a stain on Spencer's shirt but says she doesn't know if it will come out.

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