Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB15

Everyone is scurrying around getting ready, and chattering about various topics.

Jeremy gets in an Andy-Kaitlin sandwich and says Hi to the camera.  Jeremy and Kaitlin always look like a Guess advertisement to me when they start hugging on each other.  Or a Chris Isaac video.

The girls get ready, too.  I heard them say they have to be ready today by 4:00 pm BBT for rehearsal.  I'm not expecting an endurance contest tonight, but I've been surprised before.

Where is Gina Marie?  I wonder if they gave her makeup back, or if she's borrowing from one of the other girls tonight?

They have a little song about Judd that they made up called "Judd Judd Farmer Man" or something like that.  Candice is humming it under her breath and we keep losing the feeds because of it.

Amanda is hounding McCrae to try on her jeans because they "would look so cute and emo on him."

McCrae:  I don't want to look cute and emo.

"They" told McCrae to "get the hell out" of the HoH Suite but I don't think he has to move out yet.  He's still going to shower up there, I think.  And I don't think they've had their HoH Lockdown yet.

Aaryn and Amanda both brought Latisse in the house to help their eyelashes grow.  McCrae thinks they are bullshitting him, but both girls say the product really works.

(It does.  I can vouch.)

Aaryn says her mother had skin cancer, and she herself had it at 17. 

Amanda also announced that she was on the Bravo show "Shear Genius" as one of the hair models.  No one in the room admitted watching it so the topic just dropped. 

Helen enjoys a sandwich made with low fat mayo.  They complain they are running low on food, but expect a new delivery tomorrow.

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