Friday, July 26, 2013

Four Will Have Not This Week #BB15

The foods that America voted for were Ramen and Raisins.  They certainly don't make for a very colorful display, do they?

I guess they can use the raisins to flavor slop cookies, but the ramen noodles are just chock full of sodium.  It might be tasty for a day or so but after a few days we will certainly hear some bitching and moaning about it.

Let's guess who the biggest complainers will be from the list of Have Nots this week:

Gina Marie

Judd is going to have a ROUGH week in there with those girls.  I just heard him say that Gina Marie's constant talking about Nick after two other people have left the game is getting close to insanity.

How will GMZ handle slop for the first time?  Candice  just came off of a week of slop last night, at midnight, so that sucks for her. 

I also heard Helen say that her real last name is Fitzpatrick, but she wanted to use her maiden name so that people she has known for years will recognize her and get in touch.

Howard spent some time in the HoH with Aaryn and it was a pleasant conversation on the surface, but Howard left the room with the impression that he would be going on the block but was not Aaryn's prime target.  She told him she would not backdoor him, because she thinks that is a "bullshit move".  She also told him that people are afraid of him because they think he has been throwing the competitions, and will start playing hard and just "clear the house".  She also told him people have said he is using religion as game strategy in the house and it might be an act.

Aaryn would not say who her real target is, but Howard told her that if he makes it through, he will not harbor a grudge.  He feels that he can win HoH next week, and he's not afraid to make a big move at that time.

Howard didn't name names, either, but I think he was talking about Amanda.  Then he went into the bedroom and brought Judd and Spencer up to speed on the conversation.  Howard asked him what he would do if Candice got backdoored this week and Howard said there may be nothing he can do about it. 

I am particularly proud of the following picture.  Howard did throw the banana in the air quite a few times so I had a few chances to get it right.

Helen is still running things in the house, and summoned Andy to a meeting with her in the storage room where they compared notes and believe that Spencer and Howard are going on the block.

Amanda burst in and said that she had a talk with Elissa and she said she would put Spencer and Aaryn on the block if she wins HoH next week.  I guess that means they want to keep her this week?  We had a weird DR leak that turned out to be Amanda in the DR reciting the rules for the Have Not competition that was just held.  It was a Brain Busting Challenges and they had to clear some stuff off their desks.  Or something like that.

 Later, Jessie examined the ringworm on the left side of Amanda's face.  Amanda refuses to wear a band aid over it, but she is willing to wear the nicotine patches.

Jessie slid into the living room in her socks and started "The Jessie Show" for Judd, who is calmly eating a bowl of Ramen noodles and asked her if he should change clothes before the nomination ceremony.

Is it just me, or is McCrae getting a little cuter every week?  I like him with his hair off his face like this.  Maybe he looks cuter because Amanda isn't there and he can actually think and speak for himself.  He is talking more in the meeting than I have heard him say in weeks.

He met with Helen and Andy in the Cockpit and they think Aaryn is willing to do their bidding this week.  McCrae says they have to be able to control Elissa as much as they can.

McCrae is really worried that Elissa will win HoH and "go rogue" and says this is a certainty if she wins.  Helen says the war between Candice and Amanda is about to start and she is going to just sit back and let it happen without getting involved.

McCrae says their group is logical and sane and they then laugh about Amanda.  McCrae says he is going to try and control her and realizes she is a target in the game.  Helen says they all must be very careful not to tell Elissa anything important.  Helen says they have to be careful because America loves Elissa and McCrae immediately says he doens't think that is true.  Andy agrees and says he thinks America nominated her last week.  The MVP nomination will be announced tomorrow, so knowing who that is will help them figure out who the MVP is.  Helen just wants to know when the MVP twist is over.

Helen also wants Aaryn out and says there is no way she should go to the end because she "doesn't deserve" to be there. Helen also told both guys about Candice's tearful declaration today that she and Howard are playing separate games.  All three of them smirked and indicated this was a big fat lie.  Andy said he is going to watch them like a hawk.

(That Helen is cold.  She'll cut a bitch.  I am shocked with how sincere she is with each person to their face, and they don't even seem to realize that she is one of the biggest threats in the house.  Shelley from BB11 wished she could play this hard.  Dastardly, indeed.)

Amanda came in with a HUGE bowl of noodles and said she just wants to get really full.

Andy tried some, too.

 Helen said that ramen is really good if you put an egg in it, and then apolgized when she remembered eggs are not an option for the Have Nots.

Andy:  You're an asshole.

Andy is always cursing and calling people names but it is really funny and not offensive due to his accent and personality.  He is very quick with the insults and that is part of his charm.

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