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Flashback from Yesterday - Elissa Freaks Out About Religion #BB15

This Flashback begins about 3:15 pm BBT on Tuesday.  Elissa and Amanda are having a conversation about the game and they comment that Candice is always making Howard her first priority in the house, but he doesn't do the same for her.

(Let's take a second to admire Elissa's abs.  Wow.  That Saran Wrap really works!  And is that the hat that Jeremy wiped his butt with?)

Amanda:  He's got two different girls at home...doesn't she know that yet?  He throws her under the bus anytime he can!

Elissa:  It's really like, starting to bother me that he swears on the Bible so much.   Like, I'm really religious but I would never like use that like a strategy.  It's just like, part of my daily life.

Amanda:  I asked him about the religion but he said his conscious is clear.

McCrae can be seen giggling on the couch, and Andy, too.


Elissa:  Why, you think I do Andy?

Andy:  No!

Elissa:  Well, you were rolling your eyes when I said that.

Andy tries to tell her that she is being really loud and she needs to lower her voice, he wasn't laughing at what she was saying.

Elissa:  Well, that's like something that I like, do every day and I don't give a crap if you don't like it.

Amanda, speaking quickly:  Obviously everyone knows that you have things that you care about deeply.

Elissa:  I don't care what any of you think....I like, do a Bible study every day...I don't care what you do...

Andy, looking worried:  Oh!  For sure!

Elissa:  I don't care what you's part of my daily life and I'm going to do it regardless of what anybody thinks.

Elissa:  I don't like, preach to people at all...

Amanda, trying to just make it stop:  No, you don't preach at all...

Elissa:  I don't think it's funny to make fun of it all, I didn't just like, start reading the Bible, I read three chapters a day and I've like, been doing that for years.

Andy:  Yeah, I see you reading your Bible and everything but I'd never know talking to you that you are super religious.  You don't push it on anybody at all.  You know?

Elissa:  I don't.  It's not my place. But at the same time if people are saying something that I don't agree with I am going to say something about it.  I don't think it's funny at all and McCrae I don't appreciate you laughing about it.

This wipes the smile right off Amanda's face.

 Amanda:  Wait...what were you laughing about?

Andy:  Just a second ago?  I wasn't laughing at you, you were just talking really loud and I was trying to shush you like this (holding up finger to lips), trying to be discreet about it..

Elissa:  Well, it's not funny and it's part of my day and I really work in charities and ministries and it's not something.....

Andy interjects what he said again, they they wern't laughing at her religion, just how loud she was getting and McCrae kind of grunts his agreement with this.

Elissa:  Well, I don't think its funny at all and I don't appreciate it.  I don't go around swearing on the Bible and when Gina Marie did it I was offended. And when Howard did it I was offended. And I don't like Howard because he is religious.

Amanda tries to change the subject by saying that Howard tried to use religion on Jessie but Elissa's brain seems to have gotten stuck in a loop.  Judd comes and sits down on the couch next to McCrae and McCrae tries to start a side conversation immediately.

Elissa:  Well, I don't care what anybody says or does about's something that is part of my personal life inside the Big Brother house and outside the house, too.

Amanda:  No one was laughing at you...

Andy:  No, we weren't laughing at you..

Elissa:  I just want to make sure that we're clear that I could care less what any of you guys think.

Andy chatters the same excuse over and over and Elissa gets up.

Elissa:  Okay.  I just want you to know that I don't think it's funny to make fun of something that is so important in my life.

Judd is babbling about giving a shout out to Brendon and Rachel and Elissa waves and walks over and gives him a high five.  Judd is telling them what he said in his HoH blog and was buttering Elissa up by telling her he said she is awesome and they all think she is MVP and she's doing so good in there.

Elissa:  Aaawww.  That's sweet.

Amanda starts talking about how hard mangos are to eat as Elissa gets up, puts on a wrap and goes inside.

Amanda:  Oh..that wasn't taken very good.

Andy:  What the fuck just happened?

 Andy tells Judd what just happened and then got up to go talk to Elissa.  Amanda says McCrae should go in there, too.  They both sit and wait in the bathroom.  The faucet in the sink is running full blast so we know Elissa is in there peeing.  McCrae clears his throat and they both sit silently.  Andy cracks his knuckles and Elissa comes out and tells them she doesn't want to talk to them.

Elissa:  That was so rude.

(Get a load of Andy's face.  ha ha ha)

Andy tries to get a word in and is repeating himself but Elissa is just as haughty and bitchy as she can be right now.

Elissa:  You guys really need to stop flattering yourselves so much because I wouldn't put on a show for either of you.

McCrae:  We were NOT laughing at you.

Elissa:  It's just like, really important to me, and it's not funny to do that..

McCrae tries to get a word in and can't and then this happens.

Andy:  Let me tell you what really happened.  Howard is in a secret alliance with Gina Marie and Kaitlin and they were both sitting right there while you were talking about Howard using religion on them.

Elissa:  I don't do that so to laugh about it is not funny.  I try to pray alone and do it discretely and I don't appreciate you both laughing about it.

Andy and McCrae act out what happened and are talking as fast as they can, repeating it over and over.

McCrae:  I would never, NEVER, make fun of anybody's religion!

Jessie comes down the hallway and tells them they are being really loud and to take it in the Have Not room, or upstairs to the HoH.

Elissa:  That's a really cute top.

Elissa walked off with Jessie and Andy wonders if Spencer heard all of that and McCrae says he is pretty sure they did.  They both whisper about how insecure and crazy Elissa is.  They are on an indoor lockdown now so the house is crowded.

NOTE:  Even if they were laughing at her, and I think they might have been, they both apologized profusely and she should have accepted.  I can't wait until the MVP is abolished so she can be on the same level as every other person.  Let's see you deal with that Elissa.

McCrae went to the bedroom and sat down with Elissa and she started in with the "don't flatter yourself" shit.  She started to calm down and then Andy came in and she was just nonstop talking about how her morals are "up here" but Big Brother is "down here".  She wants to be clear that their behavior was disgusting and appalling and she respects other people's religion.

Elissa:  This is just the person I am...

Man oh man.  Elissa is just painful to watch at this point.  Excruciating.

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