Friday, July 26, 2013

Evil Clownie Lurks in the HoH #BB15

Can you see him there, crouching behind McCrae's pillow? 

Aaryn's CD is Jessica Simpson and Aaryn was just listening to it and called over to Jessie that she was listening to "The Sweetest Sin" and then Jessie starting mouthing the words in unison with Aaryn and we got FISH.  It was funny.

Andy and Spencer are in the HoH, too, and they are talking about Elissa being a robot.  Jessie said that she doesn't imagine that a robot stretches like that.

(ha ha ha)

Spencer talked about her being a cyborg and I guess McCrae understood that, but I did not.  Then Andy wanted to watch the Spy Cam, where Helen, Elissa and Candice have been sitting at the kitchen counter chatting for some time.

Andy:  I'd like to watch what I call the Rumor Fest now.

Spencer:  I like to refer to it as "Bitchapalooza". 

 Spencer is trying to be sure nobody forgets about Elissa's behavior last week.  He is trying hard to keep that target off of himself.  Not sure yet if he will turn on Howard. 

But I'm pretty sure whomever America chooses for the 3rd nominee will be the one who will be sweating it this Thursday.  Just a guess.

Spencer actually started a very intelligent conversation about aliens visiting earth.  He says we should hesitate to communicate with aliens, because if they have the technology to get to earth, then they will have the means to "fuck us up".  He said that there has never been an instance in recorded history where a more advanced society visited a less advanced society where the less advanced society came out on top.

The cameras changed after that, but I will actually be thinking about that this afternoon.  I'm not into aliens or anything, but I think this was thought-provoking and a little scary.

But we went back to Rumor Fest and listened to Helen talk AGAIN about how she is a mother.  She did say that Jessie told her that she dreamed about making out with Steven Tyler last night.  And she also dreamed about making out with George Clooney and Elissa mocks this, saying that George Clooney is nearly 50, so what girl Jessie's age dreams about a guy like that?

(Ugh...isn't Elissa's husband in hs 40's?)

Helen said watching Sex and the City taught her to date a lot of different types of men.  One of the guys she dated had so many great qualities, but he was bald and whenever he wore a baseball cap, she really liked him, but once the hat came off she wasn't attracted to him.

Helen:  There comes a point where you have to want to sleep with them.

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