Monday, July 22, 2013

Everyone Stays Busy Doing Nothing #BB15

Amanda and Jessie sat on the patio and chatted. Amanda had been eating a piece of cold chicken and Jessie said it was okay.  She knows other people have to eat even though she can't. 

Amanda yelled across the yard at McCrae because she thought he was touching someone else's laundry.  She's a real nag, that Amanda.

McCrae is so hen-pecked he doesn't know what to do or how to do it, anymore.  He needs a good slap in the face from someone who really knows him.

Kaitlin watched Aaryn make a sandwich. Amanda  yelled the Eff Word at McCrae when she heard him accept Aaryn's offer to make him a sandwich, too.  McCrae really should have checked with Amanda first, to make sure he had her permission.

Kaitln:  I've gained so much weight in this house...

Aaryn:  I don't even want to talk about it.

Aaryn smelled the turkey and said it smelled like it went bad.  Kaitlin told her to go ask GMZ because she used to work in a deli, so I guess she's somewhat of an expert about bad meat.  Aaryn certainly doesn't want to ask GMZ anything so she just tossed it.

Jessie danced around with her piece of dried mango. Amanda is making all of the Have Nots alfredo sauce and she is happy.

They checked the approved list of Have Not condiments.  Jessie didn't know that they could have mayonnaise.

 Aaryn is very proud of herself for eating well today.  I guess her sandwich is healthy?  I heard her brag to Howard about her healthy breakfast this morning like she expected a medal from him.  She had cantaloupe, and one whole egg and two egg whites.

I think she usually has sugary cereal, like so many others from her generation who were raised on what can be described as "candy in a bowl". 

Jessie did all of the talent shows at her school growing up, and Aaryn did too.  Aaryn fell one time in the fifth grade on stage after doing a ballet move.  She was "on point" and her shoe landed on a crack in the stage.  She got back up and danced and got a standing ovation afterwards.

Jessie sang one time to My Endless Love in a talent show.  At one point the audience started laughing because they thought she forgot the words but it was just an instrumental part of the song.

Aaryn did a routine to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" in the 2nd or 3rd grade and at the end her mom released a bunch of balloons from the ceiling on her.  She said she watched the video recently and the other moms were looking at each other and making faces at Aaryn's dance moves that her mom choreographed for her.  I think they were kind of sassy and suggestive for someone that age.  A little too Jon Benet, maybe.

Jessie sprayed cleaner on the stove when it was really hot and there was a lot of sizzle and steam.

Amanda had to come to the rescue and show her how it's done.

 When I say that Jessie's gut is hanging out, this is what I mean.  She often  seems to push it out instead of holding it in.  Maybe she breathes the wrong way when she does crunches.  If you don't exhale on the way up you can send your muscles the wrong message.

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