Thursday, July 4, 2013

Elissa Talks Sassy #BB15

but I think she's a little too confident now about being MVP this week.

(I hope someone else wins MVP and doesn't tell another soul about it.....)

 McCrae tells Elissa that he expects those girls to go after Amanda.  Elissa thinks that that would be the stupidest move ever, because Amanda is "the funnest person here".  McCrae assures her that "those girls don't give a shit about that".

McCrae's new bed is in the corner of the Eames room, sharing with Amanda, of course.  I hope they washed those dirty sheets, because I think Jeremy and Kaitlin used to sleep in that bed.  McCrae is reading his New Testament this morning.

Elissa is talking trash about going up to the HoH and telling Aaryn that she expects to be nominated, and then just stretch out on the HoH couch and stay there.

But of course Elissa doesn't really do that.  Instead, she did this.  By the way, I hated her little speech last night.  If people were worrying that she had no game or identity beyond being Rachel's sister, they won't have any reason to feel differently now.

The live feeders know who's playing the game and who isn't, don't we?

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