Saturday, July 20, 2013

Elissa Won PoV. #BB15

So whoever got the next largest number of votes from America will be nominated in her place.

McCrae won $5,000 but a lot of people won punishments.  Helen tells him not to worry, but McCrae says this is bad for him, to win so much when so many lost things.

I think Aaryn has to dye her hair.  I'm not sure what Helen's punishment was, but she said that she hoped it wouldn't be a punishment for the house.  I don't think it was, but they think there may have been some house punishments still "in there" somewhere.  Maybe in the mud?

Helen really wanted the signs, and McCrae says they were really cool.  Helen is going to decorate a room at her house with Big Brother stuff.

I think Elissa has to dye her hair, too, because Aaryn just apologized to her for it.  Elissa was very gracious.  Aaryn says she has mud "in her crack".

Everyone is freaking out about who the MVP will nominate in Elissa's place.  No one was going to use the PoV because of this...they didn't know who would be the next target.  McCrae said he wouldn't do it because Amanda might go up.

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  1. Helen got an 8 o'clock bed time, I think the house was rewarded with that one. Judd got 24hrs of solitary confinement. Think we'll see a Judd funeral afterwards? Amanda has claimed Judd's HOH bed while he is away.... of course. Her dad posts about bb on twitter a lot @ZuckermanRobert.


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