Monday, July 8, 2013

Elissa Talks About Hayden Moss #BB15

The house guests are being prodded to get up, because the PoV ceremony is scheduled to begin at 9:30 am, BBT.  As you might guess there is much grumbling and bitching about this ungodly early hour.

Elissa told a story that may or may not have been a dream she had.  She said that her husband ran into Hayden Moss's mother at a golf course where she works and they started talking and the Big Brother connection was discovered.  She said that Hayden's family lives about 4 miles away from their house in Arizona. 

Oh shit it wasn't a she says that Hayden's mother said that he was on Survivor and was "doing very well".  Elissa says he may be in the Final Four and they discuss that the Survivor winner makes $1,000,000.  Elissa also discusses Kristin and thinks that Hayden did like her, "but whatever".

Elissa:  That would be so crazy if he won Survivor.

Now she is discussing  how he played Survivor with Kat, and some "really good football player" and his wife.  (Brad and Monica Culpepper)

Elissa would like to see Elizabeth Hasselback go back on Survivor because she has such strong morals and is a good example for young women.

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