Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dangerous Topics are Being Dsscussed #BB15

Aaryn is sitting on the patio and has her own camera shot, but she is sitting with Judd, Howard, Andy,  McCrae, Spencer and Amanda.

They talk about Jerry from BB10 who yelled "you're going home!" to Libra after winning a competition.

(It's not a Big Brother season until they discuss old Jerry on the live feeds.)

Aaryn:  Oh, I hated her.  I hated that girl.

Then Spencer brings up Naonka from Survivor as the biggest reality villain ever.  Andy chimes in that she was horrible, especially when she "grabbed the basket with the clue from the one-armed girl".

Spencer admits that he thinks the one-armed girl was kind of hot.  Then Omorosa's name comes up, and I start to see a pattern emerging.

They change the topic to the Candyman movie, and McCrae loves the music in that movie.

Amanda talks about skinny dipping and says it might be okay if they go topless as long as they put tape on their nipples.  Spencer says that he is familiar with the FCC rules (or whatever) and they must have one band-aid on each nipple, and their entire aureola doesn't need to be covered.

He's joking, but everyone just kind of pretends like he didn't say it, until Andy chimes in that no bottoms are required, as full frontal is okay.

Amanda:  Has anybody watched that show Vanderpump Rules?  I dated that guy Jax for like a hot minute and he is such a Douche Lord, the King of the Douches.

Amanda lived out in LA for a few years but she was too heavy to get a lot of work.  She tells them she was a lot heavier back then, but her true love was musical theater.  She got into real estate and she loves that, so she's happy now.

Aaryn did a commercial for Top Golf, which is apparently a golf video game.  Aaryn says all she did is drink and eat and play the game all day long and it was fun.

Amanda's boyfriend works on Wipeout, and still does.  She went to Pauly Shore's house one time and the cameras change quickly as she dishes that dirt, I guess.  Sometime in the middle of Amanda talking about her time in California, McCrae got up and went in the house.

Now they talk about Dane Cook, and Aaryn pictures him having a girlfriend who looks like Amanda.  This was said after Amanda said she was on Playboy radio one time because she has a "face for radio".

Aaryn:  Oh, I would die to get in the Playboy mansion.

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