Sunday, July 14, 2013

Crack of Noon #BB15

and Judd and Elissa are discussing appliances in the backyard as she does her laundry.  They both prefer a top-load washer, and Elissa describes in great detail some exciting new washer that is being invented that even dry cleans, too.

Judd worked in the appliance industry for about five years, and explains that he worked in a call center and would talk to customers who needed to replace a broken part, and then mail it to them.  He really enjoyed that job and later worked in a service center, but it wasn't the same.

He tells her about his current job, driving around looking for new construction for the tax agency.  He really likes his boss but worries that he wasn't able to tell him about coming on the show.  He hopes that he still has a job to go home to, but Elissa assures him everyone will be so excited about him, and want to work with him.  Judd hopes so.

(I remember Judd telling Helen that he called in sick for Monday, the first day of his absence, but that was all and Helen thought was so funny.)

 This picture is interesting because you can see some of the lighting that is normally not visible.

Jeremy made himself a breakfast sandwich, and appears to be quite familiar with the process, even though Howard has been saying Jeremy never does anything for himself.  Judd passed through and Jeremy asked if they could meet outside to chat while Jeremy ate his sandwich.

You can't really tell from this, but Jeremy likes to rub the stick of butter on the bread, rather than to spread the butter on the bread.  I guess that saves a clean knife, but clearly this is a bachelor move.

He sat outside with Judd to eat it, and told him that he needed five votes, and six so Helen wouldn't have to break the tie.  He knows it will be an uphill battle and looks around the backyard, saying he needs to "take it all in", and they should "enjoy it while they can".

(I'm pretty sure the Bold & the Beautiful will have Jeremy on their cast by the end of next weekend.)

In the Eames Room Kaitlin has just been in the DR, and she tells Aaryn that she was told this has never happened in the history of Big Brother.  Aaryn doesn't know what she is talking about, but Kaitlin says someone using the PoV to take themselves off, and the replacement goes home.  I'm pretty sure she meant within a showmance, but I'm not even sure that is true.   Fifteen seasons is a long time, although we have only had the PoV since BB3, and that PoV could only be used to save someone else, and not the necklace holder.  Kaitlin knows they are going to "milk it" big time for the TV show.

Kaitlin tells Aaryn that everybody in the house wants Jeremy out, and there is special protection for her for next week if she uses the PoV on herself.  Aaryn doesn't want Jeremy to leave, but admits she is very afraid.

Aaryn is whispering what she heard about Nick and Gina Marie.  She heard that he told everybody that he was using her, and he would walk up to people and say his ears were bleeding.  Kaitlin says Nick is all Gina Maire can talk about, so she just had to walk away from her this morning to get away.

Kaitlin says she was crying so hard in the HoH with Helen that Helen apologized, saying she hated to put Jeremy up but the whole house wanted her to.

Kaitlin:  The whole house!  The whole house.

Helen told her when Jeremy yelled at her she never felt like a big piece of shit like that before, and that nobody wants him there.  Katilin says she feels bad for supporting him, and Aaryn says whenever she gives someone shit, they have provoked it.  She doesn't just go around doing that for nothing.
Kaitlin feels like she made a deal with the devil, and will be in the house with people she doesn't like.

Aaryn had cookies for breakfast.

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