Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chit Chat by the Pool #BB15

Kaitlin is running her mouth in the pool about people in the house who think they are running the game.  And of course she is talking about Elissa or Candice.

 Kaitlin describes an old outfit she used to wear, but says she could never fit in to it now.  Jessie asked what size she wears and Kaitlin isn't sure, maybe a 4 or 6?

Jessie:  No way, I'm like a size 3 and you are way smaller than me.

Jessie wants to "compare butts".  Yes, that is what she said.

 I think Jessie proved her point, right?  When you stack it up like that, the answer is clear.

Jessie plays with the hose.

Jeremy comes out and says the "door is still locked" and they can't figure out why.  Jeremy says maybe Elissa "is there taking a big ole poop" and Aaryn says that type of talk disgusts her.

Aaryn is hot and wants for a squirt from the hose, and Jessie complies.

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