Friday, July 26, 2013

Candice Knows She Doesn't Know Something #BB15

Candice visited Aaryn in the HoH and although I did not hear the entire conversation, I think Aaryn made it clear that the house wants Howard on the block.

Candice was confused, because she was under the impression that Aaryn would be cooperating with Helen and Elissa to make her nominations.

She then had a long, unsettling conversation with Howard in the Have Not room, where she grilled him about the different stories he has told her about the way he has characterized their relationship.  At one point she asked him point blank if he and Spencer had misled her about the eviction votes in order to make her flip out and become a target.

He denied it with a lot of "baby baby baby" stuff.  But Candice knows something is up.

Candice:  Well, I took somebody's bait, didn't I?

Something seemed to click inside of her and she started saying that her life outside the house is fine, and she will enjoy living it, kind of implying that she doesn't need to be with Howard.  He didn't like this line of speech and kept trying to get her to look at him, to stop talking like that.

At one point he grabbed the makeup brush out of her hand to make her stop, but she said when she is in this type of mood, he needs to leave her alone.

Howard walked slowly up the spiral staircase to knock on Aaryn's door, and he looked like every step was painful.   He knocked softly twice, and then went back down the stairs.  When he got to the bottom of the steps I could swear I heard him say "I love you".

Then he went in the storage room and got a package of paper towels for Elissa, who is cooking breakfast for an army, it seems.

Then Howard went and laid face down in bed.  I'm not sure if he is crying, but I know he is frustrated and ashamed.  He's been lying to Candice, and I don't think he budgeted for his feelings for her.

Candice is businesslike with him, saying that he needs to get up and eat breakfast, in case he is a Have Not again.  (They have a Have Not competition today.)  He didn't reply, and I think he is still laying there just like that.

 Honestly Howard shouldn't beat himself up.  Candice will forgive and forget.  After all, Howard is foine and guys like him do not come along everyday for women in their 30's.  (I think Candice will turn 30 in September.)


Elissa is trying to be super sweet to everyone today.  She knows she's in as much trouble as Howard.  She had a long conversation with Judd about pets, and whenever things got quiet she asked a new round of exploratory questions to engage him.  Judd was kind to her when she was upset last night and she needs someone to talk to now.  I'm pretty sure Helen is going to avoid her this week, for fear of the association.

That's a whole lot of make up, right?

And she made a HUGE breakfast that looked like a broccoli cheese omelet and a big pan of bacon.  McCrae was excited because he is a big swiss cheese fan, he says.

 Everyone chatters about the Have Not competition.  They were hoping for a Food Competition, and I think that may be what they have.  The food competition involves the entire house working together to win permissions for certain foods or food groups.  They often win other prizes like a Margarita Party or a grill for the backyard.

I don't recall seeing an America's Vote for Have Not foods this week, do you?  That is why I think they might not have Have Nots this week.  I do think they need a break from that, because some of them can't do another week of Have Not life right now.  Jessie just did two weeks straight, and Andy has been a Have Not for 3 of the 4 weeks he's been in the house.  They all need a break, I think.

Judd laid on the couch and chatted with Helen.  They say they are sure that Howard was the MVP last week.  Judd even said that he thinks Howard won the Coup d'Etat.

Hearing Judd pronouce "Coup d'Etat" is worth the price of the live feeds alone.  It sounded like "Cooty Tot".  Ha ha ha.


  1. Yes there was an America's vote for Have Not foods this week, but I did not vote so I do not recall what the choices were.

  2. Thanks SJ.

    It is really going to suck for somebody.

    Make sure you get your 10 votes in for MVP.

  3. I doubt my votes will count for anything, but I threw all ten of them Amanda's way. I'm over her boorish ways. I hope that someone has the insight to backdoor her before she becomes the house's Juggernaut.


  4. If Amanda is nominated she is going to go BALLISTIC!

    I would love to see that, but Amanda is not the house guest who earned all 10 of my votes.

    I know she is being referred to as "Demanda" all over the web so you might just be in the majority with your vote Groucho.

  5. I voted for GMZ to be nominated. Something about classless girls who think they are classy rubs me the wrong way. But Amanda would have been my second choice. Having a lot of power in the BB house without actually having power is very dangerous.

  6. I don't mean this to be as cruel as it sounds, but I can't see how GMZ passed the mental exams.

    The only reason why I would want GMZ to stay a few more weeks is so she can be locked in the Jury house for the duration so that Nick can put together an Action Plan before her release. Nick already got a raw deal and he should be able to enjoy the rush of reality celebrity before having to deal with a stalker.

  7. I put in my votes for Elissa and Howard. She's such a crybaby -- I can't take it anymore!!

  8. I don't see GMZ as any kind of threat in the house. I agree that she's as crazy as an outhouse rat and Nick needs to work on that restraining order stat.
    I think that Amanda is trashy. Her calling Candice fat and a c*** today was the final straw for me. Also her repeatedly saying how much she'd like to kill Candice was a bit crazy.
    I don't have the feeds, so perhaps I've missed something....where is all the Howard hate coming from? I understand why he would be a threat from a game point, but why is he receiving negativity from outside the house?

  9. Groucho you are correct about the crazy and the trashy. I find Amanda's constant need to be the center of attention very telling---she is willing to do ANYTHING to have the camera focus on her and to be the leader.

    I don't even think winning the game is her daily objective. Winning attention is what she's after and that is what will send her home sooner than later, and that will be good for McCrae.

    I'm not aware of any particular hate for Howard from the BB fans. He has been doing his share of lying, but maybe people don't like when he spritzes his religion over everything. That bothers me, but I don't hate him. I also find him rather boring, since he is more of a listener in the house. I want hardcore BB players to watch this summer, and unless Howard starts owning his ambition to win, he is not that fun to watch.

    I do think that if he and Candice get a few weeks together in the Jury, they just might come out of there bonded for life.

  10. I hope they both make it to jury. I kinda of like them together. Does Howard know that he's in a showmance with Miss Louisiana? Or has she not shared that tidbit with him? I was assuming that the general consensus on Howard was negative due to Joker's poll. Howard seems to consistently be just right above the mean girls and below everyone else. I guess it could be because of the religious bit and the boring factor that has him ranking so low.


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