Friday, July 26, 2013

Candice Faces the Facts #BB15

After talking to Elissa and Helen for over an hour at the kitchen counter, they went into the Cockpit to have a private conversation.

Candice told the girls that today she and Howie decided to play separate games.  She just can't try to cover for him and keep him safe all of the time.  They're still going to be friends and snuggle, but she came into the house to play Big Brother, not to get into a showmance.  She is a big enough fan to know that those couples often lose, and her family would probably want her to play for herself.

 She held it together pretty well, and then a few minutes later she started talking about worrying about her mom.  She has been saying that she dreamed her mom had a heart attack, so she went in the DR and asked them to call her mother.  She thinks that they can't tell her that her mom was okay, but would probably tell her if her mom was seriously ill.

She said she's having a hard day, and that she's getting her period, too, and then the tears came.  Helen came over first to hug Candice.

Then Elissa came over to hug Candice from the other side.

I have to say that I am really feeling Candice today and what she is going through.  She is very reliant on her intuition and reading people's actions.  She was the first one to suspect The Moving Company, and she is right about needing to play separately from Howard.  She's doing the right thing. 

And I think she was right that keeping Kaitlin would have better for her game. 

Helen snapped into Pep Talk Mode but I guess they really needed it.  With girls sometimes if your friend cries, it is all the excuse you need to cry as well, because it seems we all have a little list of feelings and emotions that we have been putting off and shoving down to deal with later.  So I think Elissa is feeling that now, the loneliness of her own situation and frustration she may not be winning support from America anymore, for whatever reason.

I forgot to post earlier that now Candice is very suspicious that Amanda might have been the MVP last week, mentioning that she heard Amanda say that every time she goes in the DR she asks them if they have "an envelope under the couch for her".  She asked Elissa if she got an envelope off the couch when she was awarded MVP, and we got FISH, but Elissa must have said yes.  Because when the feeds came back Candice kept saying how would Amanda know that?

(Maybe as a fan she's seen that on the show before?  Jeff's Coup D'Etat was in an envelope because remember that he was supposed to read it aloud and had difficulties pronouncing the words?) 

Then Spencer came in and when he saw Candice crying he actually asked if he could join them instead of just barging in.  He asked Candice if she was okay and she told him  she was just thinking about her family.  I guess she didn't want to discuss Howard in front of Spencer, but maybe he knew that Howard is down today, too and had his own suspicions.

Well, Helen took the opportunity to discuss Jeremy, and how horrible it was when he confronted Helen and yelled at her.  Helen said it was one of the worst experiences in her life.  For the life of me I don't know what Helen is talking about.  Jeremy came in the kitchen and told the entire group not to blame anyone but him for stealing the wine.  Yes, Helen wanted some booze, but was what Jeremy said really so bad?  I don't get it.

Helen:  I'm just thankful I won HoH and got him out.  I can't imagine what it would be like if he won HoH after that and I had to go up and talk to him about the game.

Candice:  Probably just how I felt after Aaryn flipped my bed, and talked about the fish, and I had to go up there today and talk to her as the HoH!  But she won fair and square and it is what it is.

(That should shut Helen's trap right there---Candice has real reason to dread dealing with Aaryn.)

Helen left to go exercise, and when Spencer left he went over and gave Candice a sweet hug.  She apologized to him for something GMZ claimed she said about him and then said it wasn't true.  He said it is okay and not to worry. 

 At some point Andy had joined them, and when Candice was alone with him he kept prodding her to explain the real reason why she is upset today.  He just kept innocently asking questions, and then asked her if she knows if he can trust Howard or not.  Her answer eventually led to her telling Andy about her break from the game with Howard.

(I was like, No Candice!  Don't tell him!)

But this Andy is an Effing Gangster. He really is.  He finds a way to connect with people in there without making it seem like he has an agenda.  By the time they all figure out what Andy's game is, it may be way too late. 

So, kudos to Andy.  He's not going anywhere for a long time.  In fact, I don't think he needs to win HoH until maybe the Double Eviction night, if only to stab his alliance in the back quickly and efficiently.

He is VERY concerned about losing the Have Not competition today and says he is more worried about that than nominations.

Then Candice went to take a nap while waiting for the Have Not Competition to start.  Howard looked up and murmured something about having her trust him again but I don't know what she said.

(Don't do it Candice!  Don't do it!)

Watching the live feeds is so surreal sometimes.  I was just sitting watching Candice's face, and knowing how sad she is and how much she really likes Howard and how much it must mean to have someone like that in the BB house (or any house) and I started tearing up myself.  When she rolled over right at that moment to snuggle with him I really felt creepy for watching this.  We're freaks, right? For caring about this?

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